… is to help create a world where everyone can stand up & engage in discussion about what matters most!

To take off their invisibility cloaks – share courageously about what they think & feel; then be open to listening to other perspectives & being challenged.

I believe that we have all the technology around us; or are able to develop the technology we need to solve any problem we face & now it is about enabling courageous conversations about what matter most at home, in the workplace and in politics!

Perhaps this short video tells you a little bit more about me! (Please be aware by clicking on this link you will be taken to an external site – YouTube.)

My business non-negotiables

Sustainability Promise

I started my journey thinking more about sustainability and the environment since my children were born and I recognised how we live today impacts the world our children will live in. I truely believe if we all take small steps to set businesses up sustainably and challenge ourselves, then combined this can make significant improvements towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

I have realized in setting up my business I have had to work hard to stay true to my sustainability promise. For example it was important to me that my website is CO2 neutral and my business cards are 100% recyclable.

The website solution was fairly straight forward but getting recyclable business cards took a lot more thought and in the end cost significantly more that the non-recyclable versions would have been. However I made the decision for sustainability over cost since it is one of my core business values.

I have recently completed the B-Corp certification of my business as a way to ensure I am driving the business to a high ethical and environmental standard. This is a great way to continue to find additional ways to improve the sustainability of my business. I am sure this is just the beginning of my sustainability journey.

Business Values:

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability is at the core of my business (baseline UN Sustainable Development Goals).

  • Interactions with people

    Interactions with people will always be respectful and supportive.

  • Support of local businesses

    Support of local businesses, community work and mentoring programmes to help give back and share my experience.

  • Challenge myself

    Challenge myself to continually improve and make positive change and use my influence to inspire the thinking of others.