I envisage a better future for everyone by engaging the beauty of human diversity

…collaborating across boundaries to enable everyone to participate in their perfectly imperfect way

I’m a UK-born & German naturalized global citizen. I am a charismatic proactivist & leader who combines my passion for the planet with people & technology to create a more connected & compassionate future.

I learnt to tune out my emotions & undervalue my contribution as a high-performing engineer & business leader & this led me to burnout; followed by my path of self-discovery.

I founded Unique-U Coaching in 2019 & am building a B-Corp-certified business as an Executive Leadership advisor & coach. I support leaders to amplify their positive impact by awakening their connection to humanity & the planet.

I foster trust easily, creating space for transformative human conversations to redesign the future. 

I believe that we each contribute uniquely to creating a more sustainable future by standing firmly in our values, playing to our strengths & leveraging technology for the greater good.

My Values:

Now’s the time to create a better future … let’s design your contribution together!