“New Leadership Fundamentals”

Masterclass to discover your New Leadership – identify the top 3 opportunities for you & your business for 2023!

Creating new business opportunities in an increasingly complex & uncertain world by putting conscious leadership at the heart of innovative technology!


The only New Leadership fundamentals program that provides an overview of the new leadership skills & helps you create an individual plan for how to integrate this into your leadership & your business.

Let’s discover the POWER of New Leadership to enable you to unlock the benefits of new work & sustainable growth.

Read the full article for Forbes on this topic here.

Who is this Mini-Masterclass for?

Leaders who want to see a different future of work for the next generations.

  • Leaders at all levels who recognize that something is not working in their business and the world right now;
  • Leaders who sometimes feel uncomfortable with the way other leaders behave around them but do not know how to change it;
  • Leaders who want to create a positive change in their team or business culture;
  • Leaders who know deep down that there must be a better way to engage & inspire their teams.

Summary of Outcomes:

  • Explore why the current leadership paradigm is not able to engage & enable your employees.
  • Learn the three levels of “New Leadership” with practical examples & exercises to complete.
  • Understand what this means for you as a leader & how it can help your business create sustainable success.
  • Get clear on what you want to redesign as a leader so you can feel more aligned & fulfilled with what you do.
  • Create a plan for how you want to integrate your learning & take the next steps on your personalised change journey!

Using the Proven System:

The three levels of New Leadership we explore:

1.Courage – how to get to know yourself in a new & exciting way. Why this is the core of how you can help others. Get an overview of the New Leadership concept, values & skills.

2.Connection – to your business; the ability to tune into multiple contexts; & become aware of how you can re-design anything that’s not working today.

3.Contribution – ability to maximize & amplify the impact of yourself & others. How you can bring this all together to enable new opportunities for you & your business.

How support works:

  • Three Mini-Masterclass 90 min group sessions (one session a week for three weeks);
  • 45 min individual acceleration session to personalise the content & focus on how you can integrate this & plan the next steps you want to take to create your personalised change journey!
  • Hands-on training experience to encourage you to explore the ideas further & connect with others in the group to exchange ideas.
  • The New Leadership Playbook will help guide you on your journey – this includes the templates, frameworks and ideas that you can take back into your team & business.

BONUSES – If you sign up before the end of 2022 then you will also receive the following bonuses.

  1. How to start the conversation in the business “Courageous Conversation Checklist & Planner”;
  2. Designing alliances in the business to support the transformation. “Design your Relationships at work!”
  3. The New Leadership Business Playbook or New Leadership Team Playbook (whichever is more relevant).


This program will enable you to identify your top 3 new leadership opportunities to inspire & challenge you & your business to create change;

You will walk away with an individual plan for how to take the next steps & how to hold yourself accountable.

**Please ensure you can attend all three sessions for the start date you select – note this link takes you to an external site for Calendly**

Your options to join:

Standard package  – €1,100.00

Included three group Mini-Masterclass sessions & one 45min individual acceleration session.

On-demand package – full price €2,050.00

Included three group Mini-Masterclass sessions & up to three 45min individual acceleration sessions available for additional support if you want to work more intimately on your specific Leadership journey.

Upcoming start dates:

13th Dec 2022– full

10th Jan 2023 – full

24th Jan 2023 – full

**New dates released**

7th Feb 2023 – limited availability
7th, 14th & 21st Feb 2023 at 12:30-2pm CET

21st Feb 2023 – good availability
21st, 28th Feb & 7th March 2023 at 3pm-4:30pm CET

March 2023 dates TBD

**Please ensure you can attend all three sessions for the start date you select – note this link takes you to an external site for Calendly**